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How Can I Help?

Now Collecting Quality Donations For Next Years Rummage Sale

1. Volunteer
Wish List
3. Donate
4. Recycle Program
5. Planned Giving
6. Vehicle Donation
7. Shelter Feeding Program

Our Wish List

Cat Can Food - Pate style

Betadine Surgical Scrub

Triple Antibiotic Ointment


Gloves - Rubber & Latex Free

Pet Wipes

Large Brass Double End Snaps

Distilled Water

Reams of Pink and Blue paper 8.5 x 11


Liquid Landry Detergent

Rawhide Treats (large)

Dog Training Treats

Milk Bone Biscuits (large)

Used Cars and Trucks

Cell phones - working or broken

You can purchase some items directly from Amazon for the Fauquier SPCA.  The Amazon/Fauquier SPCA Wish List link is:

For Our Feral Cat Program:        Click here
to find out more about the feral cat program.
The caregivers of these feral cats spend a lot of money on food and supplies.  If you are able to help by bringing canned or dry cat food to the shelter, we will distribute it to those caregivers most in need.

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Our Recycle Program
Recycle aluminum cans, ink-jet cartridges and cell phones.

Package your soda or beer cans and bring them to the Shelter - they may be placed in the trailer beside the barn at any time.  Aluminum cans only, please.

Cash for Critters - Donate your used digital cell phones, laptops, netbooks, e-book readers, Mifi & Hotspot devices, digital cameras, GPS devices & radar detectors, PDAs, MP3 players, USB air cards, Tablets and iPods.  We are not able to accept toner cartridges, DVDs or VHS tapes.

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        Planned Giving
-Bequests-  The most popular way of giving a deferred gift is to name the Fauquier SPCA in your will.  A bequest may include an outright gift, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder of your estate after making specific gifts to family and friends.

         -Stocks, Bonds, & Other Securities-  If stocks, bonds or other securities are worth more now that when you acquired them, you can maximize the tax benefit by transferring them directly to the Fauquier SPCA. You will receive fair market value for your gift based on the date of your gift and, in most cases, avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciated value.

This is not intended to be tax advice, which can only be provided by your qualified tax adviser.

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