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Who We Are:

The Fauquier SPCA was founded in 1957 to offer protection and assistance to the animals of Fauquier County and surrounding areas.  The Fauquier SPCA lived up to its name almost immediately.  Barely two weeks after it was organized, the SPCA went to the rescue of some starving livestock, whose owner was subsequently convicted of cruelty to animals.  In the more than 50 years following its inception, the Fauquier SPCA has continued its mission of providing local animals with the most complete services possible.

For many years the shelter was housed at Dogpatch Farm, just outside of Warrenton, Virginia, in a small building about 100 feet square.  In 1989 the present Fauquier SPCA shelter was built in Casanova, Virginia on eleven acres of donated land.  This facility boasts 36 dog kennels, six dog quarantine kennels, and three separate cat rooms, including a cat sunroom.  We have a spay/neuter clinic where shelter and privately owned dogs and cats are sterilized.  There is also a barn and fenced paddocks to house livestock, exercise dogs, and provide additional storage space.

In 2009 we completed the construction of our new Animal Control Center.  There we house all stray, abandoned, rabies exposure quarantined animals as well as court ordered seizures.  This building has enlarged our facility by 22 dog runs, a dog and a cat isolation ward and two cat rooms for general use.

Our existing shelter has been turned into an adoption center whereby only dogs and cats that have been vaccinated, microchipped, spayed and neutered and temperament tested are available.  

Anticipating that it would soon be impossible to either bury one’s pet in an owner’s backyard or to dispose of its remains in the landfill, we also installed a state-of-the-art crematorium.

Other services available through the Fauquier SPCA include lost and found assistance, humane education, pet therapy, spay/neuter surgery, tag identification, and behavioral training.  Our major focus is on the complete elimination of the pain and suffering caused by pet overpopulation and neglect. 

Be sure to take your time choosing a pet to become part of your family.  All of the animals available for adoption are evaluated both for health and for temperament.  Our animal care experts will advise you on the best type of pet for your situation and help match your needs with the available animals.  We also offer follow-up phone calls and training classes to ensure that you and your pet adjust to each other and to provide assistance if necessary.

                              Shelter Hours:
                         (daylight savings time)
     Monday: 12-7pm (Std Time: Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb & Mar 12-5pm)

     Tuesday:      12- 5pm

     Wednesday:  CLOSED

     Thursday:    12-7pm (Std Time: Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb & Mar 12-5pm)

     Friday:         12- 5pm

     Saturday:     12-5pm

     Sunday:       12-4pm
Our Mission

The Fauquier SPCA is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing a temporary refuge for stray, homeless and abandoned animals, and to placing such animals in a caring, appropriate home whenever possible.  Educating the public about the benefits of spaying and neutering is also an extremely important part of our mission.

Fauquier SPCA Staff

Fauquier SPCA Reception Desk:
540 788-9000 x 0
e-mail address: fspca@fauquierspca.com

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic
540 788-9000 x 208
e-mail address: clinic@fauquierspca.com

Mary K. Tarr - Executive Director:
540 788-9000 x 202
e-mail address: mtarr@fauquierspca.com

Cinda Bailey-Rambow - Shelter Operations Director:
540 788-9000 x 206
e-mail address: crambow@fauquierspca.com

Karen Goula - Shelter Manager:
540 788-9000 x 203
e-mail address: kgoula@fauquierspca.com

Lynn Consolla - Data Specialist:
540 788-9000 x 204
e-mail address: lconsolla@fauquierspca.com

Caroline Folker - Community Relations Manager
540 788-9000 x 207
e-mail address: cfolker@fauquierspca.com

Volunteer Coordinator/Events Manager
540 788-9000 x 211
e-mail address: events@fauquierspca.com
        Fauquier SPCA Board of Directors 
Sharon Maloney, President

Richard Anderson, Vice President

H.T.A. Nevill, Treasurer

Ellie Spencer, Secretary

Penny Dart

Caren Eastham

Dennis Hunsberger

Angela Keyser

Marie Lowe

Dr. Elaine Lutz

Robert Matteo

Devon Settle

Tammy Statler

Sally Tufts - President Emeritus