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Hi FSPCA STAFF... Our family decided we needed some more love in our life so on Saturday we adopted a precious kitten from your facility.  We have a seven year old cat that we love dearly that we adopted from the Fauquier SPCA so we knew where to go for our kitty.   





Your facility is so clean, the staff is welcoming, helpful and kind and the animals are so well taken care of.  We picked out a grey and white kitty and named her SAMMIE.  See the picture attached of our dog Magic sharing his dog bed with Sammie after only 24 hours living with us.  As you can see Sammie fits right in!     


The Fauquier SPCA appreciates the ongoing support and generosity of:

The Animal Rescue Fund.

Remember to shop online using our shopping page at AdoptAShelter.com.  It’s easy, it’s free, and every purchase you make earns more money for us to help animals!


              Meet Our Photographer

Susan Carter donates her time, skills and equipment every week at our shelter and takes the absolute best animal photographs we have ever seen!


 Susan M. Carter


Judging by all the positive comments we have received regarding the photographs of our resident animals on our website, we think all our supporters are as appreciative of our new professional photographer as we are!


Please take a look at some fine examples of Susan's work at:



Just a quick note to let you know that Penny, our new sheltie mix, has settled in nicely with her two golden retriever siblings.  Even more impressive, Penny is the new best friend and couch buddy to Sam, our 10 year old orange tabby.  We know that Sam thinks he’s really a golden retriever, but were surprised at how quickly he welcomed a little 20 lb. sheltie into the family.



Finding and adopting Penny was an ongoing mission since one of our “old timers,” a rescue dog we enjoyed for 13 years, passed this summer.  Candy wanted a small indoor dog to replace our beloved Libby, and there was no question we would adopt.  We’ve always kept three dogs, each one a rescue, always 2-4 years old, always with unbelievable results.  Our experience is that they are loving, accepting and completely adaptable to the daily routines of family life.  In exchange for two square meals a day, companionship and a good belly rub,  they have all “paid us back” with unconditional loyalty.  Four year old Penny fits this profile to a tee.  Her progress has been remarkable.  And, like all our previous rescues, she came to us housebroken and leash trained.  LOL, those two features are, by themselves, reason enough to adopt an adult dog. 


Thanks again to Fauquier SPCA for your help and support.  Our canine “3 Pack” is once again complete, hopefully for years to come.  Sam the cat, also a rescue, thanks you as well for providing us with his new little friend, Penny.  We sincerely appreciate the work you all do, and the joy it has brought to our home. 



Fauquier SPCA, Inc.

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